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Tanzania and Zanzibar or Safari and Beach ...

I have been several times over to Africa before - mainly South Africa and enjoyed to drive around Kruger Park but this time it was more an organized Safari and I need to say ... it was great but not fully my preferred way. We (my partner) and myself only had two other persons (girls) in the car what was ideal but to listen to two these girls continuously talking within Comic terms and going maniac on each wild boar or zebra we saw killed my nerves. So next time for sure I will going for a own guide/car to avoid situations like this. The worst experience for sure was the fact that we left a great setup with lions to watch for rhino which finally was a black spot on the horizon and when we came back the fight between 2 groups of lions was nearly over ... what a miss.

The rest I must say was great - great locations/hospitality (nice comfort tent camps with full bathroom), good food for such remote camps and really nice guide as well.

It was amazing to see such an amount of Animals migrating through the valleys even the take a photo what really captured that situation was not really given. We got lucky and found a leopard on a tree which we photograph nicely, some really cooperative Lions and also the rest of the Big5 was spotted during the trip. But it felt a bit rushing through the parks as we only spend a week for the Safari part and the distance and time it take to get from a to b is quite a challenge and takes time.

Following some Pictures of Tanzania and yes even today while writing I am not even went trough all Pictures taken during this trip but I will add later.

An update on Zanzibar will follow shortly

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